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Daily Production

Gillmann, with its wide range of products from yarn to textile accessories, continues to serve its customers while maintaining the idea of being open to innovation and sustainability. Responding to the needs of its customers and adapting to continuous market changes, Gillmann outperforms its competitors with a production of 55,000 cones per day.

Always with the goal to fully respond to its customers, Gillmann undertakes to respond as quickly as possible and to offer very high-quality products with total transparency.

We have a big variety of products in our company, all relating to the world of textiles and accessories. Gillmann offers quality and reliable service from design to production with an environmental conscience, we are OEKO-TEX certified. We are constantly on the lookout for innovation and new things.

Quality, confidence, innovation, sustainability, experience, fast and quality services: these are our watchwords and what allows us to be a leader in the sector. It makes us proud.