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Enviroment Policy

Afamily business founded in 2007, Gillmann group offers ready-to-use sewing thread and textile accessories for the clothing industry. Present commercially in several countries, the group has been able to create a place for itself at national and international level. Firmly anchored in the group's strategy and practices, the social and environment policy is important in the eyes of management and employees. In this direction, our social and environment policy is applied under 2 fundamental pillars:

        We respect our planet as well as our societal commitments:

        We try to reduce our ecological footprint with simple daily actions. During our production processes, the respect of the environment is essential. Our dyes, our raw materials meet very high ecological criteria. Moreover, all of our products are OEKO-TEX certified.

        We promote the development of men and women:

        Gillmann Group places women and men at the heart of its business plan. This pillar illustrates the group's desire to go even further in its actions dedicated to equal opportunities, diversity, internal mobility and security.