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About us

Founded in 2007, Gillmann began to market sewing thread nationally. A few years later, Gillmann took a step forward in the textile industry and ventured into dyeing sewing thread. Thus, the company becomes one of the national leaders in the field.

        We can dye our 72 items in more than 8700 colors with exceptional delivery times.

         Over the years, the company has experienced remarkable growth, reflected in its international reach. It is one of the leading sewing thread companies in Africa. We are currently exporting to more than 12 countries in the world.

         As a result, our strategic location places us as the closest supplier of sewing thread, with a big variety of colors, to you.

         The group grew in 2015: it was the creation of Yasmine & Co. Still in the field of textiles, the group decided this time to respond more globally to the needs of tailors. Thus, Yasmine & Co is the Moroccan company of design and marketing accessories at national and international level.

        We personalize all types of textile accessories ready to be used in clothing. We are available for all your accessory requests; we adapt to the needs of our customers and we respond to them promptly.

         The quality of our products and our commitment to our customers, our employees and the environment have enabled us to obtain OEKO-TEX certification. We are also an Inditex audited group.

         The entire direction and employees of Gillmann Group are therefore pleased to welcome you to our store.

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