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Exporting to 12 Countries

Founded in 2007, Gillmann began to market sewing thread nationally. A few years later, Gillmann took a step forward in the textile industry and ventured into dyeing sewing thread. Thus, the company becomes one of the national leaders in the field.

Over the years, the company has experienced remarkable growth, reflected in its international reach. It is one of the leading sewing thread companies in Africa. We are currently exporting to more than 12 countries in the world. We can ship up to three containers 40 HQ per week all over the world.

Gillmann is an indispensable industrial manufacturer of yarns, filaments and textile accessories. Leader in the textile industry, Gillmann advocates product quality and reliability, customer-oriented understanding and respect for the environment. Its vision, anchored in its values, is oriented towards innovation while keeping the authenticity of traditions.