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Belt Rivet

Belt Rivet
Belt Rivet
Belt Rivet
Belt Rivet
Belt Rivet
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  • Robust and strong structure
  • Wide range of colors
  • OEKOTEX certification compatibility
  • The product is resistant to corrosion.


Belt rivets are produced from brass material and resistant to corrosion. By being only two sizes, belt rivets are named as 0 and 00. Areas of use include jackets, shirts, Jean shirts, trousers, shoes, baby and children's products. The belt rivet serves as an ornament.
Belt rivet consists of 2 parts.

These are;

  • 0 and 00 Belt rivet,
  • Nail,


In combination with special fastening molds;

  • In hand press,
  • In armed machine,
  • In motored and automatic machines.


Belt rivets can be manufactured in the dimensions specified by Yasmine & Co reference table.


Belt rivets cannot be produced with logo.


At Yasmine & Co, we can come to a clearer understanding and help you better if we receive mock-up products for where the belt rivet will be pressed. Then, we can make experiments on them. If there is any pile difference on the fabric, we suggest you to open holes before the pressing took place. We can also provide you with information on how to press the belt rivet by preparing a data sheet report. Belt rivets can be produced in desired colors by selecting them from the coating chart.

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