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Horn Buttons

Horn Buttons
Horn Buttons
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Horn buttons are, of course, more expensive than the polyester or corozo ones. They are purely natural and made from buffalo and cow horn. The horns of these large animals are very tough and hard and therefore more difficult to process.

The production process is very long based on labs and special machines, but Their production does not contaminate the environment.  because the unnecessary or lost buttons can easily be recycled in a safe and natural manner.

Due to the origin of the raw material, and its specific properties and characteristic features, such as thickness, structure, patterns and color depend on type, age, health status, etc. of the animal. Each one of the finished horn buttons is one of a kind and it is almost impossible to find two buttons that are exactly the same. However, it is a real pleasure to touch them, to study their natural patterns, which are characterized only by natural materials and modern technologies allow to reveal its natural beauty and style according to the designers’ projects.

Many people like them because they are suitable for different clothes. They add an excellent key to clothing of natural materials, especially to manual knitwear and look perfect both on warm winter clothes and on those of the sports line.

15 MM