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Nails are produced from aluminum and brass materials and can be produced with a cap optionally and are resistant to corrosion. They are used as a binding element in combining metal accessories such as buttons and rivets to the fabric.

Nails are made of one piece upon request.


Using a special nail mold,

  • In the hand press,
  • In the arm machine,
  • Motorized and automatic machines.

Measure ;

Dimensions of the nails produced are specified in the reference table of Yasmine & Co.


The desired logo and shape can be made on to capped nails. only (you can contact Yasmine & Co by filling out the form on the contact page about logo printing).


We can give clear information about the length of the nail by making pressing tests on the mock-ups you will send to Yasmine & Co. It is important that there is no pile difference in the place where nailing will be made. By preparing a data sheet, we can give you a report on how to crash. Color variation for nails can be produced only by selecting from the coating chart for brass nails.

6 MM
7 MM
8,5 MM
9,5 MM